Atlas Copco PSA Nitrogen Generators:

Easy & cost-efficient nitrogen supply

Engineered to meet your needs.
Air consists of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.
Oxygen molecules are adsorbed preferentially by the CMS, while nitrogen molecules pass on thanks to their different molecular size.
Carbon molecular sieve allows for efficient nitrogen separation.
The small oxygen molecules penetrate the pores while the large nitrogen molecules by-pass the carbon molecular sieve.
The supply of nitrogen to meet your specific needs.
Purity from 95% to 99.999%.
Flow from 1 to 2500 m³/h.
A reliable supply of nitrogen for a wealth of applications:
- Food & beverages (storage & packaging)
- Pharmaceutical applications
- Electronics
- Cable & optical fiber industry
- Chemical applications
- Glass industry
Working principle
Carbon Molecular Sieve
Easy supply